Shirt - 10/2010

Where do I even start with this shirt design? It's actually a story I explained to the band.

They emailed me while I was on tour in Europe and I told them I needed a few days to finish it while I was flying back in and getting over jet lag. I had a couple days to really formulate the idea past the original sketch.

Follow me on this please... The girl is the receiver of the post card indicated by it being post marked. She is held by the very pun that the sender wrote about, but she is trying to break free of it, represented by her holding the card away from the bear. The bear crying is also part of the very tragic pun reflected in the post card.

On the card as some cryptic things. The date is when I came up with the idea while writing a post card to the same place on the card seen here. I the original sketch the name was actually V. Glow, but the band asked that it be changed to the name of their tour van. The "STAY RAD" is something I tell a friend now and again.